Making the first call after someone has died is often the hardest thing to do. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so call us as soon as you feel you can. We will guide you through all that needs to be done, as what happens differs slightly, depending on where and how a death occurs.
You may be present when death occurs, or you may be called in after death occurs. In either case the deceased will later be removed to the hospital mortuary. You may be asked by staff if you have made a decision as to whether the funeral is to be a burial or a cremation. This is to allow staff to have the appropriate paperwork drawn up. A death certificate must be issued in every case, however, in the case of a cremation, two further doctors must agree on the cause of death and fill in and sign separate paperwork. We will liaise with the hospital on all of these aspects.
In the event of a death at home call your GP or NHS 24 in the first instance (Under certain circumstance's you may have an arrangement to contact the district nurse team). A medical professional should be called to verify death. If the doctor agrees that a medical certificate should be issued. When you are ready, we will take the deceased into our care. If the doctor decides against issuing a death certificate, they can, under certain circumstances involve the police and the death may become a matter for the procurator fiscal.
In either a nursing home or hospice, when death occurs, usually the attendant staff will contact the undertaker once the doctor has left. In many cases you may well have known in advance that the death was imminent and as such may have given some thought as to what should happen next. Most care facilities do not have a mortuary on site and will call us on your behalf. You may of course stay with your loved one until we arrive, or make your way to the facility to see them before we arrive, at which point we will liase with the care staff and exchange paperwork, before making the journey to our funeral home.

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